Les Bijoux: ROCKSBOXS Review


“I am a big believer that accessories can make or break a look” – Nina Garcia

I am not the best when it comes to accessorizing my outfits with jewelry. It’s not that I don’t know how to accessorize. It’s because most of the jewelry I own is part of my pageant wardrobe and is too big and costumey to wear with my everyday clothing.

 Lately I’ve been on the lookout for some great everyday pieces to add to my collection. I started shopping around for new baubles, but was afraid to commit to the pieces I loved because i change my mind often. Then one day i got a lovely text from my friend Ciara over at Ciaratoga.com. She told me she had been selected to be an it girl for ROCKSBOX and would like to offer me a free month to try it out! It was like a fashion prayer had been answered.

I heard of ROCKSBOX before but was a bit reluctant to sign up because I am already a part of so many so many other fashion subscription companies. When Ciara explained to me that they way ROCKSBOX works is you get 3 pieces of designer jewelry (valued at $200) on loan for just $19 a month, I was all for it. With ROCKSBOX, you take a quick style quiz and then a stylist curates a customized 3 piece jewelry collection based on your personal preferences. You can return the pieces at anytime and swap for other pieces, or if you fall in love with a piece, you can purchase it at the discounted “Shine Insider” prices. The box comes with everything you need to return your items and your membership includes $10 in “Shine Spend” to use each month if you want to purchase items from your box.

I received my first box which included a ring, a necklace and some dangly earrings. I loved the items that the stylist had picked for me and was very excited to try out pairing the earrings with my outfits. The box came with a special note from the stylist which include information on each item and how to care for them. It also came with a prepaid shipping label so I could send my items back in the package that they sent me the items in. I love that they made it so easy to send back the items to exchange for my next set of jewelry!

I am very excited to be a member of ROCKSBOX! I invite you all to join with my code JoshaunicBFF. 3 of my readers each month can recieve your first month free with my code. I can’t wait to see what items you get in your boxes.

XO, Jo


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