2021 Theme of the Year: Elevate

2020 was the most interesting year of my life this far. I’m sure many people would agree. A global pandemic, lockdowns, protests for social justice, a crazy election… and so much more. At the beginning of every year, I like to set an overall theme for the year. Last year the theme was refinement. I really had no idea how deep that word would be but all I can say is going through a pandemic really makes you refine and rethink every aspect of your life.

Even though last year was wild, I am still hopeful for so much in 2021. These posts are more for personal reasons so I can reflect and look back at the end of the year. However, I hope if you read this you find some inspiration for your word of the year too. My word for 2021 is ELEVATE. The definition of elevate is: raise or lift (something) up to a higher position or raise to a more important or impressive level.

Since I really dove deep into refining certain areas of my life in 2020, now is the time to work on elevating those areas. Here are the areas of my life I will be focusing on elevating as well as how I will go about it.

Elevate My Style:

Last year, I really focused on adding high-quality basics to my wardrobe. Prior to that I rented most of my clothes and bought things based on needs for my social and travel needs. With those two cut out, I really realized my need for high-quality and comfortable wardrobe staples that can be worn for years. Now that I have a great capsule closet of high-quality basics, I will be working on elevating my style. To me, this means adding more personal style touches like accessories and unique pieces. Also, it means finding higher quality versions of things I frequently use like shoes and bags.

Elevate My Home:

Like most people, I spent most of 2020 at home. For my home, this meant buying lots of organizers and also kitchen tools to make home cooking easier. I would really love to find a bigger space to live in when the time is right for that. As far as elevating my current space, I plan on adding more personal touches like artwork and changing some of my current decor items.

Elevate My Career:

2020 came with so much uncertainty around career and each industry had its own challenge. In 2019 I made most of my income as a fashion reseller and content creator. Those 2 industries had very uncertain futures at the start of the pandemic. For safety reasons, I decided to quickly sell all of my resell items and stop doing that since I couldn’t go out and source new items. In place of that, I started managing social media for a few small businesses. As far as content creation, at first, it got very slow but luckily it eventually picked up more than before. This year want to elevate my career as a content creator and make a more significant income from it. I’m working towards becoming a full-time blogger/content creator by the end of 2021.

Elevate My Finances:

Finances often become uncertain during times like this. Luckily by staying home more I was able to save more than I usually do, even with having my work cut down for part of the year. This year, I’m hoping to continue with saving and also learn more about investing. I will also be working on increasing my streams of income.

Elevate My Health: 

Health was a BIG deal last year. With a global virus pandemic going on, it really makes you think about the state of your health. While my health had been getting a lot better over the last few years, I felt there were definitely more things I could improve on. I decided to work with a functional medicine Dr. and I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of improvement I’ve seen since. I will write a full review of my process once I’m further along, but I’m excited to keep elevating my health in 2021!

I’m excited to focus on elevating these areas of my life. Making small changes in the right direction isn’t always easy, but having a few defined areas you want to improve on is helpful! Cheers to a happy and successful 2021.

What is your theme for 2021? Let’s chat! Leave a comment below. 


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